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We are open between 8am – 445pm, with our drop off and pickups anytime between these hours.

Our daycare rate is:

 1x dog     $40

                               2x dogs   $60 - Sharing a kennel

1x cat      $20

                              2x cats    $35 - Sharing a kennel

We do have out of hour drop off and pickups for those wanting to arrive outside of our opening hours. These hours are between

6am – 8pm with a charge of $40. This must be booked prior to drop off/pick up

What’s Included in the price:

We provide bedding, toys, multiple photos sent to you at the end of the day. Each kennel has their own doggy door to take them to their own private, fully enclosed, outside area. We also have two big, fully fenced paddock areas for them to run around and play in. While we don’t provide food for daycare, you’re welcome to bring any snacks or treats of your own that you would like us to give them while they are with us.

Please note - Our air-conditioned kennels are subject to availability and cannot always be guaranteed.

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