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What We Offer

Day stays, overnight stays, weekends and even holiday stays... We look after dogs of all sizes. We are fully air-conditioned, with our air-conditioners running all day, though not during the cold weather!

We have both indoor and outdoor kennels which all have tall walls to stop any sneaky dog trying to jump out.  

We have 2 massive paddocks for them to run around and play in or just casually walk around in if they don't like to run. 

While dogs can see each other through the fence, they are kept separate for safety reasons.

We require up to date vaccination certificates for all dogs staying with us. They can be forwarded to our email address or sent to our phone though txt message. We will not look after any dog who has not provided a current vaccination certificate. 

We provide bedding and toys, however, you're welcome to bring your own if your dog prefers. We also provide food depending on what price you choose.


We have normal, large and extra large kennels to suit dogs of all sizes - from teeny tiny to large and solid. Our extra large kennels can accommodate up to 3 large dogs.

Our indoor kennels have air-conditioning running all day (not during cold days) and doggy doors in each kennel so your pooch can go inside and outside as they please.

Our outdoor kennels are completely sheltered with fans running all day. They have a concreted area to relax and keep cool in and a grassed area when they want to lie in the sun

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