What We Offer

Our cat area has its own sectioned off area away from the dogs. All cats have their own private area with outside access - so they can choose to stay inside with the air con or they can go outside and laze about in the sun - Completely up to them! 

We also have cat doors to allow the older cats to be able to go outside when they want without having to jump up to a higher level.

While cats can see each other, they are kept separate from one another. 

Bedding, toys and food are all provided , however, you're welcome to bring your own if your cat prefers. 

We require up to date vaccination certificates for all cats staying with us. They can be forwarded to our email address or sent to our phone though txt message. We will not look after any cat who has not provided a current vaccination certificate. 


Each cat kennel has an upper and lower level making it easier for cats to access outside.

Cats have the option of going outside through the window on the top level or out of the cat door on the bottom level.

All cats have their own outside area which is part concrete for laying on and part sand. We also have logs and tree trunks for them climb on.